Pokémon Go – To Bot, or not To Bot


So I never imaged I would be writing a post about Pokémon but it seems to be all that everyone is talking about lately so why not add my 2 cents into the conversation. Unless you have been living under a rock the last month or so you would have heard at least one person mentioned the famous words “Pokémon Go”, which is by far one of the most popular mobile game in years.

The mixture of real word interaction via the use of Augmented Reality (AR) has everyone playing and trying to be the best. Being a 90’s baby and a big fan of the original Pokémon game I had to give it a try to now being a Level 21 Pokémon trainer and having walked over 89.1 km I have no regrets :).

Sooner our later as you being to advance above Level 20 in the game you quickly realize how difficult it can be to gain Experience Points (XP), to “Level Up”, or to gain Stardust  “PowerUp”. That typically around the time you start to ask yourself  those famous words, should I use a bot? 

Well let’s take a step back for anyone know is not familiar with what a bot is; a bot is basically a computer program that was written to assist you with playing the game. Instead of walking around, socializing, getting your workout in and hitting those Pokestops you basically sit in the comfort of your home and run the program select a location say Central Park and have the bot crawl the park and catch  Pokémons, collect Poké balls, potions everything for you.

After reading several posts, and speaking with others below is a list of reasons why some people prefer to bot while others don’t.

Reasons for using a bot: 

  • New updates makes it harder to catch Pokémon
  • New updates took away tracking and grid feature
  • New updates took away ability to bike or ride in a car while catching Pokémon
  • New updates took away battery saver feature, now you need more battery packs
  • Just want to be the best at all cost

Reasons for not using a bot:

  • Honesty, prefer to play fair and earn your bragging rights
  • Afraid of being banned, which has already started to happen
  • To use a bot you have to supply your login credentials, you are basically trusting that the dev will not steal your creds and access your persona information ( that’s a lot of trust).

They are also other issues facing the game at the moments such as hacked IOS or Android apps that allows GPS Spoofing, basically you can be in NYC and tell they game you are in Japan be able to quickly advance in levels and strength.

Closing thoughts, I believe since Niantic has chosen to block third-party tracking applications such as PokeVisions, which allowed users to see where a Pokémon has spawned, they really should fix their in-game tracking feature and not just disable it. In the end with any system, if the create does not provide a useful features others will hack one together.

With all that said, go on out and Catch Em All… Go Team Valor :).

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