First impression — 1U App

password_screen_caricaturePassword, password and more passwords. If you are like me then you are  tired of tokens, passwords, two factor authentication and all of the other mystical things out there that is trying to keep us safe in this crazy technological world that we are living in.

I recently attended Ohio Linux Fest 2014  and saw an interesting talk on password security by Dru Streicher a security analyst for Sherwin Williams, you can view the slides  here. He basically gave us an overview on some of the different attacks sounding passwords, then went into a really nice open forum chat about password best practices. Keeping all that in mind, if I knew about the 1U app then, I might have skipped his talk, and spent that time testing the app instead :).

Now just incase you are asking yourself why  should anyone care about password security, or newer technology to help with your authentication process, I would like to point you to an article over at titled “How much does a data breach actually cost”. The number that was estimated  for the cost of an average data breach is $3.5 million.

The article then ended by making the following statement “So what’s the hold up? Experts say that banks and retailers have been at a bit of a standoff: Neither one wants to take the plunge to invest in new technology, and both are waiting for the other to overhaul the system. Meanwhile, consumers will just have to shop smart and keep a close eye on their transaction history.”

Luckily they are innovators like Hoyoslabs that wants to help change the landscape of this digital revolution. Before I jump into my experience with trying to setup and test the 1U  on my android Galaxy S4 mobile device I will begin by first explaining what 1U is.

Instead of trying to explain it in my own phones here is the official explanation “”1U™ ( is an app component of the HoyosID® Identity Assertion platform, serving as a replacement for all usernames, passwords, PINs and tokens of any kind, making users’ digital lives more convenient and secure. Using your mobile device’s camera, various biometrics are acquired and upon recognition, the app grants access to you and only you so you can complete transactions and log into secure sites without fear of breach or the hassle of a forgotten password.”

After reading an explanation like that you can see why I was  excited to be apart of the test group and couldn’t wait to install the application and start testing. Unfortunately  like all good things they soon come to an end.

I downloaded the application from the beta server, did they initial setup however each time got to the final step of the configuration process it kept starting over. This appear to have been a bug, so I reported this to support as well as the person who contacted me to be apart of the test group. Support confirmed it and mentioned it will be fixed in the final version that will be released in the  Appstore and Google Play store.

Until such  time I will be waiting to complete my review once I have a bug free version of the application.


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