Battle of the cloud storage providers

With the recent show and tell of Google’s GDrive cloud storage solution its now painfully obvious that other cloud storage providers in that arena is scrambling for fear of lost of business.  As we all know Google has a track record of coming out with solutions to rivals the competitors and usually end up being the victor. This market is getting very popular over the last few years and statically it has been proven that users that started off as a free users will eventually become paying customers so the key is to get as much free users as possible.

For the last year or so the words “free cloud storage” was almost synonymous with “Dropbox”, even on the mobile platform their application was widely accepted now with Google finally in the arena its going to be interesting to see how others will start to change their business model. I have recently received some form of communication form the following providers of (Skydrive, Box, Dropbox, Ubuntu One) and wanted to give a brief summary of them and see how the might stack-up  to GDrive.

Lets start with GDrive, they are offering a 5 GB free for new users,  has a mobile application (Android devices), GDocsDrive desktop client, allows all of the average features (upload, share, collaborate),  and as of now it appears they have a 10GB file size upload limitation. The other interesting thing about this is the fact that to upgrade to 25 GB a month it will only cost you $2.50, or 100GB for just $4.99/mo. The one reason that I believe the might capture a large piece of market share is simply based on their name and the fact that they have a solid infrastructure and should be able to handle larger traffic than the average provider in this sphere.

Next is Dropboxwhich is a free service that lets you bring all your photos, docs, and videos anywhere. This means that any file you save to your Dropbox will automatically save to all your computers, phones and even the Dropbox website. The start off with 2GB free and additional 500 MB per referral, now the paid model starts with 50 GB for $10/mo, and has a file size upload limit of 2GB however if you upload files via the website you have a 300 MB cap.

Skydrive, who has been trying to gain popularity for a while and at one point offered you 25GB free storage recently restructured and is only offering 7GB free for all new users, you had the option to keep your  25GB if you were a old users but you had to log in and claim it before April 22 which has already passed. If you require more space and you love Skydrive you can get 20GB/$10yr or 100GB for $50/yr. As of now Skydrive offer the most free space and the most value for your money per space annually.

Box is another competitor who tried recently to gain new users by offering mobile users 50GB free for life if the signed up from their mobile device. If you don’t use this option you can always get 25GB for $10/mo or 50GB for $20/mo. They have a few downfalls, the have  a 200MB file upload cap, and of course the only offer a desktop client solution business/enterprise users only.

Last on my list is Ubuntu One who currently offer your standard 5GB for free users and you can get an additional 20GB for $3/mo or $30/yr. The good thing about this is you are getting a good value for your money however I don’t think the do a good job marking this product and as such I believe the might fade into the background amidst all the other big names out there.

For a great overview of some of the services mentioned above you can take a glance at this  comparison image I found over at PCWorld

What services are you using?