SendAs from a distribution group Exchange 2010

I received a request today from one of our users who wanted to send and email from their departmental distribution group. Now this task can be easily performed if a user wanted to do a send as from a public folder however with Exchange 2010 you are unable to grant a user the correct access via the EMC.

In order to grant a user this access you have to do it via the Exchange management shell “EMS” aka PowerShell. My first question was did the user really meant to say Public folder or was it an actual DG? To answer this question I ran the following command:

get-recipient -results unlimited | where {$_.emailaddresses -match “”} | select name,emailaddresses,recipienttype

Once I realized that I was working with a distribution group I then ranĀ  this command to grant the user “send as ” permission:

Get-DistributionGroup “accounting” | Add-ADPermission -ExtendedRights Send-As -User “Jane Doe” -AccessRights ExtendedRight | fl

And just like that I had another satisfied user :). If you know of another way to accomplish this task do share in the comments.