How Well Are You Protecting Yourself Online?

By Sandra Mills

How many passwords do you enter on a daily basis? With the prominence of the internet in the modern age, it’s probably quite a few. Most password-protected sites often contain extremely valuable personal information as well. Information many cyber criminals would love to obtain and abuse.

Since these passwords have become so intertwined with our personal and financial lives, shouldn’t we make it a goal to strengthen them? However, it seems that most people don’t see the issue, and are often complacent when creating new passwords. Some create weak passwords (such as “password”) without thinking much of what they’re really putting at risk.

With this in mind, we should all make a conscious effort to create high-quality, complex passwords to keep ourselves protected online. There is a lot of data that has been measured concerning this issue, such as what is most effective or most common, and with a few simple tips you too can help fight against weak internet security. Don’t put yourself at unnecessary risk any longer.

Below is a helpful infographic from Instant Checkmate, containing many tips and statistics that should be a good starting point for getting your personal security up to par in 2014. If you want to make sure that you really are protected online, this is the first step.


 A big thank you to Sandra for writing today’s blog entry, and what a timely posting since we are always seeing accounts being compromised daily because of weak passwords.